"It's your life, and you can do what you want to."

The American singer-songwriter Sean Kellz is not shy when he’s behind a mic. His soulful grooves and sax solos talk about the emotions, the hustle, and the good times from where he stands. The quote, “Do it now, plan to do it, or don’t do it at all” is a daily motivation that Kellz seeks to live everyday by. Discovering his niche for music from just wanting to leave class minutes before the bell rang, Kellz found his passion playing woodwind instruments in his junior high school concert band and his high school marching band. Being blessed with his first tenor saxophone, he fell in love with its sound, structure, and its’ connection to the people he’s encountered. Opportunities opened up for the young musician to showcase his gifts with communities, churches, and singing for his friends and family.


As a child, Sean Kelsey was blessed to have a family who loved music. Sean was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Raymond and Paula, his parents, filled his ears with gospel, blues, and jazz music. Growing up in the southern parts of Virginia, Sean started singing solos in church in Hampton. Music became an everyday part of his life listening to some of his favorites including Dwele, Kanye West, T-Pain, and John Legend. Growing into adulthood, Sean has sang and played as a member of the Sons of Zion of Newport News, VA, performed his original music in community centers, and collaborated with other artists. He was also hired to sing aboard the Spirit of Norfolk as an entertaining server. 


He later moved to California and quickly adapted to the fast pace city of Los Angeles to live as an R&B artist and a musician. In July 2018, Kellz started busking on Universal Citywalk. Taking many stages between Long Beach and Northridge, he released two singles titled ‘Dolled Up’ and ‘Say You Still’ before the end of the year. 


Sean Kellz plans to take more stages, put out more music, and continue spreading nothing but good vibes for 2019. The humbled artist seeks to help others get lost in the music and find comfort, excitement, and healing in these R&B vibes and jazzy riffs.

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